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Post-College Financial Planning


It can be difficult for the average college student to be concerned with their financial future: seniors are preoccupied with partying and econ finals, not savings accounts and 401Ks. Even so, planning for your future when you’re young benefits you greatly when you’re older. It also prevents you from wishing you could go back and give a stern talking-to to your twenty-one year old self. (more…)

Financing Your College Education


Many high school students are having to make some tough decisions these days. Many wonder if the excessive cost of a higher education is worth it, or if they should simply enter the workforce and begin to earn a living. According to a 2011 study from the Institute of Education Sciences, the median earnings for those with a bachelors degree is $45,000 a year, $37,000 for those with an associates degree, high school graduates is $30,000 per year, and $22,900 for those who did not finish high school. (more…)

Getting a Car in College


The ability to drive a car is like a writ of passage; many teens turn 16 and begin driving with a great sense of freedom. That new set of wheels means you can drive to school, go shopping, hang out with friends more easily, go to and from work, and take trips you never could before without having to wait for your parents or guardians to transport you. Now it is time for college and the big question looms: should I or should I not take my car to school? A car on campus can make your life easier in some ways, but a burden in other ways. The following are all of the pros and cons of having a car in college. (more…)

Benefits of Learning How to Play an Instrument

It’s been said that music is the universal language, and that early exposure to music can have a lot of benefits for a young child. Sadly, many people see learning how to play a musical instrument as nothing more than just another extracurricular activity, not much different from playing on a sports team. The truth is that just as there are benefits to listening to classical music at a young age, there are also benefits to learning how to play an instrument. While the benefits of learning an instrument are available to adults as well, the most significant advantages are for children. (more…)

Getting a Degree in Finance


Despite what some may say, a college education is still a good investment – especially if you select a degree program that potentially pays well. Finance certainly falls under that category. The average entry level just-out-of-college position in finance starts at slightly less than $54,000. However, depending on the industry sector, entry salaries can go even higher. The new college graduate can earn as much as $75,000 providing consultation to science and technical industries. (more…)