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Areas You Can Save On in College


College is an expensive time for the average attendee. Not only are college students worrying about the cost of tuition, but books, school supplies, student fees, and living expenses often pile up as well. If you’re struggling to pay the bills as a college student, here are some areas that you can start saving on: (more…)

Dealing With PTSD in College

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a very real mental health condition brought on by a frightening event such as an assault, an accident, a natural disaster, a medical problem, an animal attack, bullying or warfare. People manifest PTSD in different ways. Some replay the traumatic event over and over in their minds. Some become emotionally numb and try to withdraw themselves from anything that might remind them of the event or cause them stress. Some experience hyper-arousal and become angry and irritated. Other symptoms include insomnia, flashbacks, inability to concentrate, extremes of emotions and hypersensitivity to the surrounding environment. In some people, PTSD manifests itself right after the event, while in others it takes years to surface. It can be difficult to cope with a college regimen and environment if you are suffering from PTSD, but here are some suggestions to help you. (more…)

Things You Can Spend More for in College


When it comes to college, most students spend a lot of time trying to figure out how they can save money. Between tuition, room and board, books, etc., college life can be pretty expensive, and it forces people to find ways to pinch money and save here and there.  But there are some things that are worth spending a little bit of extra money on.  College students have a very unique lifestyle, and so there are certain things they need or value.  So while it’s great to buy used books and cut down on delivery pizza, consider spending a little extra on these things: (more…)

How Drugs Can Ruin Your College Life


College is often a time when people are exposed to things that they’ve never encountered before, and levels of peer pressure are through the roof. Unfortunately, drugs are usually high on that list of new things, and far too many college students find themselves in a downward drug spiral that’s beyond their control. While drugs may sound fun, drugs can seriously impair one’s college experience and life after college. (more…)

Taking Care of Your Acne While You’re in College


Being in college means plenty of changes to your schedule, new eating habits, and new hygiene habits. Going to college can take a toll on the condition of your skin if you are not careful. Here are some ways to treat and prevent acne while you are going to college. (more…)