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Jerome S Bruner’s View about Cognitive Development of a Child


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We have already discussed in details of the cognitive development of a child with special emphasis on Jean Piaget’s views. So this is just a follow-up to that post with special reference to Jerome S. Burner.

Bruner, a renowned educational psychologist and Professor of Psychology at the New York University made a detailed study of cognitive development of the child and had suggested the following three stages.

  • Enactive Action: It implies that most of the activities of the child are motor activities and are related to motor nerves.
  • Iconic Image: At this stage the child is guided by his mental imagery. He is able to form his own mental images and expresses himself on that basis.
  •  Symbolic Word: The child at this stage expresses himself in the form of words. He comes to have a mental sense of time and distance. At this stage language learning also begin.


  •  The theory of Bruner resembles the theory of Piaget. The theory of Bruner is also more applicable during the period of infancy and childhood of the child.
  • The teacher should utilize the internal imagery development of the child for his educational purposes. This mental imagery of the child would enable him in the conversation of his experiences and forge ahead with new experiences.

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